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"I love to write and have always wanted to write a book. While my heart loves to express itself through words, the words did not come together exactly how I had hoped. 
I knew I needed help with my book to make it shine and Amy was recommended to me by a good friend. 
Although I had spoken with two other editors, Amy seemed to understand me better than the others. Although I refined my book many times, it was not until I found Amy that it came together how my soul knew it needed to.
Over the next 
few months, we would go back and forth and weed through my book. Taking out the "less than wonderful" content and creating more. She made my words sparkle more than I could have and she helped me grow the depth of my book so it could touch the souls of my readers. Amy is an artist and a creator, and without her, my book would be a very different one. She helped me refine my message again and again until it felt good to me. She kept the reader's perspective in mind and helped me address the areas where readers could get lost. Amy stuck to timelines and was often ready before me to proceed to the next step of the editing process. She is thorough, easy to work with, and confident in her ability yet tender in her approach.
I have learned through writing my first book and working with Amy that it is not the authors of the world that are amazing, it is the team the author pulls together that helps the entire team shine. Amy is a part of my team, if you are lucky, she will be a part of yours as well.

I still call Amy every so often to talk and catch up. She sets me straight when I need it and knows the industry like the back of her hand. 

I am proud of 
Gypsy Living and the message it exudes. I know Amy's Gypsy Spirit is also left on its pages and I am grateful for that."
-Andrea B. Riggs - Author of 
Gypsy Living

"Having literally tried for years to write my book, it was not until Amy Morris helped me start and complete the writing that it became a reality. She worked tirelessly and patiently with me to get to a manuscript that I was satisfied with and proud of. I am sincerely grateful to her for her guidance and support through the entire process. I would be happy to expand personally with anyone that might have interest in working with her. Thank you Amy."
-Leonard Gaby, Gaby Consulting & Author of  The Art of the Mensch

"Amy Morris is a wonderful person to know and work with. In my book, In My Wildest Dreamsshe helped me take my deepest and most personal feelings and create beautifully written narratives.  She’s also extremely generous with sharing her wisdom and talents! 
Thank you so much for being you!" 

-Debbie Gaby, President - Debbie Gaby Charities

 "Probably the best marketing tool in my arsenal is Amy's writing talent. I highly recommend her to everyone."

-Psychic Medium, Ricky Wood

“Amy helped take the stress out of building my website. She was very personable and easy to talk with…I actually forgot that we were conducting an interview from which she can use to copy write my website. I had a draft of my website emailed to me within one week, and it was perfect!
Starting a business is already a daunting task and it was a pleasure to have someone so competent prepare the copy for my website.”
   -Dr. Sam Botros -
 Cosmetic Concierge Physicians, PC

“I am the most miserable perfectionist on the planet and I left Amy to her own devices with my web wording, I assumed she would never be able to please me. Much to my surprise she called me and asked all the right questions collecting the information she needed to perfectly represent myself and my business for my website and brochures etc. Not only that but she did it on the first try. Very professional and friendly. You have exceeded my expectations I refer your services regularly. Thank you!”
   -Josh Cauffman -
 Green Roots Landscaping

 “I was fortunate enough to have Amy write the copy for two websites recently and I couldn’t be happier. I was immediately impressed by her thoroughness and attention to detail, as she collected the information necessary to make my websites come to life. Her creativity amazed me from the beginning, as it surely must be difficult to take fairly ordinary facts about a company and make them sound exciting. Amy did just that! She made the entire process of coloring my websites with words very enjoyable, and the finished product is better than I ever dreamed it would be! She is a gifted writer indeed.”
   -Paul Turner -
Paul Turner Productions

“Extraordinary copyrighting and an absolute pleasure to work with! Whatever business you’re in, Amy provides the best services in the industry. Her end result is ALWAYS a masterpiece!”
   -Diane Johnson -
Natural Cleaning Solutions

“Amy is able to craft something unique and readable from my bullet points every time. Without even having a full understanding of my business, she is able to grasp the point I’m trying to get across to my clients and flesh it out into a much more interesting grouping of words than I ever could. She has a very quick turnaround time and hits it on the head every time. My company website is a more enjoyable place to visit thanks to Amy.  A joy to work with.  Highly recommended.”
   -Jennifer Byrne -
Tropical Traveler's 

“Amy was an absolute joy to work with. I was a bit lost as to what to write and/or say for my first website; thank goodness Amy was there to help me through it. She made me feel at ease when speaking to her and helped me define the messages I wanted to get across. She did an excellent job researching and writing very detailed and thorough copy for me and I couldn’t be happier! Not to mention, the turn-around time from start to finish was incredibly fast. Thank you for such great work!

 -Michelle Book 

“Amy has an amazing gift in translating your thoughts when you just can't find the right words yourself.  She, through her easy-going and collaborative style, works with you to take intangible feelings and emotions and portray them with words. Quickly and efficiently, she was able to lead me through her information gathering process with thoughtful and thought-provoking questions that gave her the information she needed to portray in writing what I was unable to.  Yet, as soon as I read it, I felt as though I had written it myself.  She found the words for my voice and produced copy that truly embodied me as an artist and a business.”
   -Natalie Coleman